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It has been a week since I purchased my Jimny. It is a 1993 model with 200,000 km on the odometer, so it is quite old, but it is in good condition and I really like it.

However, as the normal Jimny (JA11V) looks a bit plain, I would like to make it look cool with aftermarket parts.

Although lifting the Jimny is a popular modification, it requires a considerable budget, so I decided to start with an easy and inexpensive upgrade by replacing the bumper.

Fortunately, many aftermarket parts are available for my Jimny (JA11V) on Yahoo Auctions, and there is everything from the engine to the doors, and they are also cheap!

In addition, I learned that Offroad Taniguchi and APIO are famous as standard manufacturers of Jimny aftermarket parts.

Moreover, my wife gave me 30,000 yen for “winter tire costs,” so I’m thinking of using this money to get a “cool front bumper.”

However, good bumpers are quite expensive (after all, I also need to get winter tires with this budget!).

Finally, I found it on Yahoo Auctions after checking it every day!

Jimny Front Bumper, 4,000 yen, instant decision! Cheap!!

I quickly got it and saw that the sender was from the same Okayama prefecture.

So, I asked, “Can I pick it up directly?” and the reply was “OK,” so I went to get it right away.

And voila!!

It looks like this now.

It’s cool!

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