Jimny DIY maintenance

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The Jimny, which has traveled over 200,000 kilometers, came to our home already 19 years old and its body is quite worn out.

However, the engine is in good condition as it has been overhauled.


So, we decided to fix it up a bit as it was looking quite shabby.

First, the rust around the horn button of the steering wheel caught our eye. Although it had a Nardi racer installed from the beginning, the center was out of alignment since delivery, so we removed the steering wheel and worked hard to remove the rust with compound! Thanks to that, it became shiny again.

While removing the steering wheel, we also removed the column cover, which had turned white and discolored due to powder, and polished it with waterproof sandpaper. Starting from around 600 grit and finishing with 1000 grit! Finally, we sprayed it with matte black spray to finish it off!

It became as shiny as new.

Feeling motivated, we decided to make further improvements.

When it was delivered, the roof paint was peeling and it looked like the back of an elementary school student who had just finished summer vacation. So, we rubbed the entire surface with 600 grit sandpaper, removing the old film. When it became somewhat clean, we sprayed black lacquer directly on it. As it was only black, the color came out well, and we completed the painting with just one spray can. It became so clean that it was unrecognizable.

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